Chapter Five

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Races have been put together in far less time than this timeline recommends, but the most successful events are those that are able to develop their programs and pay attention to the details. This list is not intended to be all-inclusive but rather to provide a basic guide for accomplishing the main tasks involved in putting on a road race.

Seven Months Prior

  • Select a date
  • Determine the race distance and course
  • Seek approval from authorities and purchase required permits (roadway and/or park)
  • Determine cost of required police security
  • Coordinate with your Race Scoring Company
  • Solicit sponsors
  • Sign agreements between the race organizers or presenting sponsor and the race scoring group if these are separate entities

Six Months Prior

  • Continue to solicit sponsors (if necessary)
  • Approve a preliminary event budget
  • Set up supervisor or committee responsibilities

Five Months Prior

  • Continue to solicit and secure sponsors (if necessary)
  • Hold meetings to update the race organizing committee and assign responsibilities
  • Plan the promotion of the event
  • Measure the course (certify if desired)
  • Begin work on the entry form (copy and layout, camera-ready sponsors. logos, maps)

Four Months Prior

  • Have the entry form artwork completed and schedule printing for at least two weeks in advance of the distribution date
  • Secure a liability insurance policy and required permits
  • Order bib numbers
  • Determine registration locations
  • Develop and approve the T-shirt design
  • Order T-shirts

Three Months Prior

  • Take delivery of and distribute the entry form
  • Begin recruitment of volunteers
  • Hold meetings to update the race organizing committee
  • Order supplies and rental equipment
  • Establish registration procedures
  • Order banners (if necessary)
  • Print T-shirts

Two Months Prior

  • Continue distribution of the entry form
  • Prepare other printed materials for distribution
  • Update the list of all supplies and rental orders
  • Contact key volunteers and groups to manage the aid stations, refreshment distribution and other selected areas on race day
  • Hold meetings to update the race organizing committee
  • Begin registration and packet preparation
  • Order trophies
  • Confirm medical support (ambulance rental or donation)
  • Confirm refreshment suppliers
  • Order portable toilets
  • Order sound system
  • Check course markings
  • Begin promotion (press releases and advertising, if any)
  • Order rental barricades and cones

One Month Prior

  • Meet (on location, if appropriate) with race course marshals, aid station groups, lead cyclists, start and finish line coordinators, refreshment vendors, etc.
  • Distribute information/advisory flyer to surrounding neighborhoods
  • Hold meetings to update the race organizing committee
  • Review T-shirt quantities (compare to registration numbers and re-order if necessary)
  • Review all supplies and rental orders, deliveries and setups
  • Continue registration and packet preparation
  • Meet with park superintendent (if park course is being used)

Week of the Race

  • Continue registration and packet preparation
  • Meet with key area supervisors and coordinators
  • Assemble finish line equipment (unless a race scoring group has been hired)
  • Confirm delivery of supplies and services

Race Day

  • barricades
  • race day registration and packet pickup
  • race course (mile markers, cones, aid stations, start)
  • finish and scoring areas
  • refreshment and awards presentation areas
  • Conduct the event
  • Provide results to the media (phone calls, press releases)

Weeks After the Race

  • Send results to finishers (if printed results or finisher. s certificate was part of the race entry package)
  • Send thank you letters to volunteers, sponsors, police, etc.
  • Prepare an income and expense report

Hold an event evaluation meeting with the race organizing committee and establish an initial plan for the next year. s race.


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