Chapter Sixteen

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( This budget was prepared for a fairly basic race of 500 runners. Some of the dollar amounts may be over-or under-stated depending on your local prices and customs. The budget should be used primarily as a guide for considering those key items that you'll want as part of your event. You can then determine more accurate costs.)

Course Measurement (add $50 for certification)            


Entry Form

  • artwork
  • printing (7,500 to 10,000 entries)
$500 and up
$350 to $750*+
Bib Numbers (750) $150 to $200+
Portable Toilets $250# +
T-shirts (costs vary depending on sleeve length,
color, number of imprints and ink colors from
about $4.00 to $6.00 per shirt, printed) Estimate
based on $5.00/shirt for 500 runners and 100
volunteers. Cost of design is extra.#

Ambulance/Paramedics $150
Sound System $300 to $500
Security/Police $250 to $2,500
Permits $50 to $250#
Post-race Refreshments (including coffee and
donuts for volunteers)

$100 to
$1,000* +

Awards (assumes 1 3 age groups, in five-year
increments, from 1 5-and-under to 70-and-over,
male and female, minimum three deep per group)
$125 to $1,000+

  • ribbons (approximately $125)
  • medals (approximately $200)
  • trophies (from $200 to $1,000)
Banners $300-$1,000#
Packet Supplies (instruction sheets, pins,
envelopes of bags)
$100* +
Packet Preparation $300 to $500
Insurance (USATF liability insurance is based
on the size of the anticipated field, and the
local association adds a processing fee.
Coverage is also available through RRCA for
member clubs)

Barricades (depends on the extent of road
closures required by municipal permit and police)

$50 to $800#

Equipment Rental $350 to $1,000#
Miscellaneous Expenses $100#
Race Scoring
A set fee, plus from $ 1.00 per to $2.00 and up per finisher for timing and scoring
$1,500 to $2,500 (1)
Race Management
$1,000 to $3,000 (2)
Total $6,325 to $23,600

*It may be possible for the race to get some items donated thereby saving a portion of the potential expense.

+As the race increases in size, some line-item expenses will increase. Items marked with a "+" will cost more as the race serves more runners.

#Some of these items may not apply to every race. It depends on location, available facilities and the extent to which you want to promote your event.

(1) Race scoring consists of having a scoring company handle the start, finish line and scoring on race day.

(2) Race management entails coordination of the event from start to finish including preparation and distribution of the entry form, contacts with authorities, ordering of products and services, registration and packet preparation, budget management, and all logistical support. The additional fee can be saved if some person or persons from the sponsoring organization will do the preliminary work. This work is time consuming, but can be done easily by someone in the race group.


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