Chapter Ten

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Because most races have their own methods for handling registration, only the most important, fundamental items are included here.

Critical Steps in the Process

  1. Bib Numbers: Write the bib number assigned on the runner's entry form. (This is essential for later reference or computerization of entries.)
  2. Name: Write the entrant's last and first names on the bib tag where indicated.
  3. Sex: Using the "M" or "F" boxes provided (or a blank space marked "sex" or "division") indicate the entrant's sex.
  4. Age: In the space marked "age" or "age group" indicate the entrant's age.
  5. Miscellaneous information: In manually-scored races completing the "city/state" information may be helpful in compiling results. It is unnecessary in computerized registration/scoring systems; this information is already in the data base.

(Use only permament marking pens to write information on the bib tags. Do not use felt tip or ball point pens! The ink will smear if it gets wet.)


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